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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Geocoder is now Open Map

On the heels of the latest Salesforce release, I have released an updated version of the geocoder managed package and renamed it to "Open Map".

Several bug fixes are included in this update such as:
  • Disabling the google maps geo-coder.
  • As such, a free API key from either bing or mapquest is required
  • Also, the system will no longer automatically schedule the initial job.
  • An interface to schedule up to 5 batches per hour in the system
  • You will have to use this interface to schedule the initial batch job after setting the API key.
  • Set a limit on the max log size to 2000.
  • Fixed bug where logs were not always being deleted correctly.
  • Other miscellaneous bugs
The new version also includes a mapping tap that has features such as:
  • Heatmaps
  • Advanced heat map settings such as opactiy and radius.
  • Clustering
  • Advanced searching - based on accounts or opportunities
The map application currently only displays the billing address but will be enhanced further in the next version.

This app is free and can be installed here.

At this time the map will only display 2000 data points even if you search for more than 2000 records.  This will be addressed soon in a future release.     

5/2/2014Spring '14 R5 / 1.81.0 has been released that increases the limit to at least 10k records.   It also includes updates to the geocoding engine to fix an issue with some addresses being given a default location in the center of the US.


  1. This looks like an amazing tool, but I'm wondering if there's a way to get it to work with the Household class from the NotForProfit module?

    1. Timothy, I plan to add support for custom (i.e. non-standard CRM) objects in a future release. However, I haven't gotten around to it yet as I am working on a new release with some bug fixes and adding Google's Geocoding API back into the mix. If you can't wait and would like to create your own fork for the household class, the code has been posted here

      Oh and just FYI - the code posted has the bug fixes and a beta of the updates for MapQuest and Google's API. However it isn't release quality just yet. Also, if you want to contribute changes to support custom objects that would be awesome.


  2. i have tried installing this for a non profit , i can see the jobs executing fine but the map page does not show any accounts,
    i customized the account display to validate the data generated
    ShippingGeoCodeData 37.547155 -121.993136
    any help appreciated,
    note the query works fine it updates the total to correct values based on input