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Friday, May 3, 2013

New Managed Package for Geocoding

I have released an new managed package of the Geocoding engine.

This version has an application where you can see logs from past attempts as well as change some settings.

Due to the fact that Google enforces geocoding limits by IP address and those addresses are shared on the Salesforce platform, I have added support for Map Quest and Bing geocoding services.

These services will require you sign-up for a free or paid API Key that comes with its own limits, but those are based on the key and not the IP address.

On the settings screen, I have included a link to the sign-up page for each service.

05/06/13 Update #2 : The issues with accessing the custom settings and scheduling problems have been fixed and the updated managed package can be found here.  Please install the new version (1.7) over any older editions.