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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Managed package for Geocoding Account Addresses

05/03/13 Update:  I have released a new version.  As such, the previous package is no longer available. 

Since I posted an example Google geocoding engine, many changes have occurred and some of those include:
  • Google moved the geocoding API to a new URL
  • Google dropped the API key requirement when V3 was released
  • Salesforce has added geolocation fields to the platform.

To accommodate these changes, I have updated the engine and placed it inside of a managed package.

The managed package will automatically add the classes, fields, remote site, and schedule the updater to run at the top of each hour.

This updated engine also includes a trigger so that individual records can be geocoded upon insert or update.

Geocoding is now performed on both the Billing and Shipping addresses and the resulting data is placed in corresponding geolocation fields.

Click here to install the managed package.