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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Salesforce App Exchange is sharing your information

The salesforce platform is most famous for its CRM / salespipe line and most people join salesforce to better manage their sales and/or customers.

Did you ever join salesforce to be sold to?  Probably not but due to some changes in the app exchange, if you watch a demo video you better be prepared to share your information with and be contacted by that vendor.

Some but not all demo's now require you to login.  I applaud those vendors that still have open demo videos.

If you  see the screen above and login to see the video, then your contact information will be sent to the vendor and most likely you will be contacted as follow up to a lead.

All of this will occur without you explicitly knowing that your information is being shared. If you are just browsing the exchange and not interested in buying, it simply wastes the time of the sales staff at this organization.

Worse yet, if you are going to be contacted for every demo you watch then you will most likely stop watching demos and/or investigating products as much.

I know this was intended to help boost revenues of both the vendor and Salesforce (they get a % from the app exchange) but I am afraid that it might have the opposite effect.

Salesforce needs to be more upfront about the information it is sharing with its partners and they also need to have an optional contact me check box so that only 'good' leads are forwarded to the sales staff.

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